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Due to large staff shortages, the Netherlands is heading towards a healthcare infarct. This will be at the expense of Dutch patients as well as healthcare professionals. Hospital leaders are looking for ways to prevent this. One of the solutions is the hiring of experienced and well-trained foreign healthcare professionals, who can help relieve the workload in the healthcare sector. They are highly educated, speak Dutch and are highly motivated!

Ivana Janovska, Onboarding Manager OTTO Health Care:

It is a big step for caregivers to move (temporarily) to another country and start working here. It is very important that they get the correct help and guidance in this. We believe that when an international caregiver feels at home in the Netherlands, it contributes substantially to a successful career at the healthcare institution.

OTTO Health Care currently facilitates healthcare professionals from both Asia and Southern Europe.

OTTO Health Care takes care of the whole process of bringing these well-trained healthcare professionals to the Netherlands. Our approach focuses on facilitating ethical recruitment, offering a Dutch language and culture program, taking care of the entire licensing procedure and taking care of the complete onboarding in the Netherlands.

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