About us

OTTO Health Care wants to contribute towards keeping Dutch healthcare at a world-class level. Where patients receive the care they deserve. Where healthcare professionals can practice their profession in a pleasant and healthy way.

Sophie van Hoenselaar, Business Unit Director:

"The idea for OTTO Health Care originated when we saw that the deployment of international employees could make an important contribution to solving the staff shortage in healthcare. This is not yet done structurally in the Netherlands. We want to use our knowledge and experience to ensure that this solution, which is already quite normal abroad, is also available for the Netherlands."

Our vision

We believe in win-win opportunities. That's why we accompany well-trained international healthcare professionals temporarily to the Netherlands to work in our healthcare system. This is good for Dutch healthcare, because the workload for our doctors, nurses and caregivers is enormous every day. But it is also good for the international professionals and their families. It offers them the chance to gain foreign experience and earn extra money for back home.

As a partner of hospitals, healthcare institutions and healthcare professionals, OTTO Health Care takes care of the entire process: from recruiting and training abroad, to facilitating good housing and guidance for integration in the Netherlands.

Healthcare collapse

Dutch healthcare is among the best in the world. Nobody wants to get sick, but if it does happen to you, it better happens in the Netherlands. We have great healthcare professionals who take loving and good care of patients.

But if we are not careful, this will change. A healthcare collapse is coming upon us. With an aging population, the number of hands at the bedside is decreasing and at the same time the demand for care is increasing. Healthcare professionals can barely handle the workload. And this will only increase. If we don't act, our parents and children will no longer receive the good care they deserve.

Everyone who works in healthcare sees the first signs of a healthcare collapse, but lingering bureaucrats do nothing to prevent that disaster scenario. We cannot allow that to happen without intervening.

"If we don't act now, a healthcare collapse is inevitable."

Frank van Gool, Founder & CEO OTTO Holding:

"This year there is already a shortage of 49,000 care workers and this will almost triple in the next ten years. If we want to provide everyone in the Netherlands with the care they need, we won't make it with just the additional Dutch entering the healthcare sector."

High workload

The workload in healthcare is huge. Professionals who are supposed to help us when we are sick are literally getting sick themselves. Moreover, staff shortages in healthcare are rapidly increasing.


By 2040, 1 in 4 of the working population will need to work in care. Currently, 1 in 6 works in healthcare.


From a shortage of 49,000 caregivers now, to a shortage of 135,000 caregivers in 10 years.

1,2 miljoen

As the demand for care increases, the number of people over 80 doubles in the Netherlands: from 600,000 to 1.2 million in 30 years.

- 13 miljoen

All of Europe is facing the same challenges: the working population will shrink by 13 million workers by 2030.

'And-and-and' solution

We need to look at smart solutions to prevent major problems in healthcare. There is no one all-embracing solution. We must embrace an "and-and" solution.
  • Ánd by better valuing healthcare professionals to make the profession more attractive.
  • Ánd by increasing inflows and decreasing outflows.
  • Ánd by looking at how we can mitigate the demand for care through innovation and technology.
  • Ánd we need to look at out-of-the-box solutions that can relieve pressure in the short term. Such as using well-trained foreign healthcare professionals.

In countries like Germany, England and Switzerland, this has been successfully done for years. What are we still waiting for?

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